5 Strategies for Dealing With Negative People

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When I joined my network marketing company it seemed that all of my negative family and friends came to destroy my dream. With phrases like “it’s a scam” and “you’re wasting your time.” These statements seem to haunt me months later when things got touch.

These negative individuals are notably critical and drain you of your physical or mental resources. Discouraging energy and drama follow them all around. In case you’re not watchful, they can maneuver you into their mayhem — hindering your focus and sidelining your goal

Use these tips to better deal with negative people in your life.

1. Set boundaries.

Negative people have a way of pressuring you to sit and listen to there negative believes. That energy will bleed into your life and affect your mental state. It is important to set limits and distance yourself from them. If you must be around this person, try to keep your time short. You can’t control their behavior, but you can control your engage with them.

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2. Avoid complainers and choose your battles wisely.

People who grumble about everything will never upgrade your life. They don’t offer solutions, just call attention to the issues.

They will invade your thoughts and suck you into their emotional roller coaster. On the off chance that a friend, relative, or co-worker shows the signs of a complainer, limit you time with them. Just deal with them if you must.

Try to speak with your family or friend to express your concerns and give them a chance to change.The quicker you deal with a negative friend, the quicker you will be able to resolve the situation.  If their behavior continues, it might be time to let go.

It is important not to be argumentative every time somebody aggravates you. Not only will you be seen as belligerent, you’ll be allowing their negativity into your own life. Instead, attempt to overlook any negative remarks. Control your feelings and keep things from escalating. Walk away and you’ll be respected for taking the high road.

3. Don’t over think the situation.

Negative people can in some cases act unreasonably. You will squander important time and energy if you attempt to understand them. Understand that they have different values.

They may not understand what your doing and where your headed. So do what you can not to become emotionally invested in their issues.

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4. Immerse yourself into positivity.

Your wellbeing and happiness are too important to allow anyone’s negative opinion or rude comments bring you down. Don’t allow them to affect how you view yourself. Stay positive and begin to limit your time with them. With any luck, your positivity will repeal negative people and they will gradually fall away naturally.

Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul. – Unknown

5. Find mentors and develop a support system.

Build a team of positive friends, colleagues and mentors. In the event that somebody knows how to get under your skin, you will be unable to deal with the circumstance without someone else’s input.

Have the emotional intelligence to realize when you need assistance. If you end up turning out to be excessively emotional, call a companion or guide and explain the circumstance. Generally an objective person can provide you with a new approach or a different perspective.

We have all experienced the effects of a negative friend, colleague, or co-worker.

Perhaps you work with someone who complains repeatedly and never presents a solutions. Maybe it’s a good friend, gossips about others and create drama.

Here is how I leaned to deal with that.

I came across a phenomenal system that helps entrepreneurs grow and take their business to the next level. Not only did I get the training needed but I was connected with a community that has mentored me. When I come across negative situations or people, I contact my mentor and he helps me see things in a different light.

I also used this community to find other six figure earners in my niche that I study. They themselves give free trainings to help the community as a whole. This alone has helped me stay positive and focused while on my journey.

If you hang around five confident people, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five intelligent people, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five idiots, you will be the sixth.
If you hang around five broke people, you will be the sixth.
It’s inevitable. – Peter Voogd

If you would like to know more about this system take a look here.

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